Brows Should Be Cherished

Lets talk about Brows.

I regularly encounter a good number of virgin brows, normally those with more life experience, and most times they say eyebrows were never a "thing" for them because it wasn't something people really noticed. However in today's world nice full brows is a "must have". 

Well, I understand the desire to run with the current trends. That being said, your brows should be well-managed and shaped for your face regardless of the current trend. And to those who still would say, "oh my brows aren't that important", I ask "Do you notice when someone else brows look bad?" Say whatever makes you feel like a better human being, but we all know, you notice. Immediately. 

No. I'm not saying you should get your brows shaped and maintained lest you be judged. I'm saying you should care for your brows because they are one of the most prominent features on your face. They play a major part in how you present yourself in every area of life & to every loved one in your life.

Think about it! How do you tell emotions? How do you show happiness, sadness, anger, disgust? Body language, sure. You can agree a big part of how you read feelings is from the Brows. Brows are often how you can tell TRUE feelings. 

Here are images to reference: in order [sad, angry, happy, surprised] 

Tell the difference? Of course you do! Simply put, the eyes tell no tale, nor do the brows. They are one in the same.

You've heard the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, I say the brows are the frame. We know how windows work, if there's a crack in the frame, there goes the heat! In order for the window to perform at it's best, the frame must fit perfectly with a strong smooth seal. The most beautiful eyes, eyelashes, glorious makeup, will get lost with a ragged brow. 

That being said, every individuals frame is unique. There is no one size fits all. Nor one stencil fits all. And preference definitely plays a part. Still your Brow Specialist, such as myself, may recommend a shape other than your norm that's better suited for your face. That is why you see Brow Specialist instead of someone who simply does waxing. A Specialist will take the time to listen & give you what will look best followed by education (tips) for you to continually look your best.

Brows are not to be treated commonly. We've all heard the horror stories of brow waxing at nail salons. A number of my recovering clients come from that world & shall never go back! Cheap + quick rarely = good for you longterm. Ex: fast food. Just sayin. 

Am I making myself clear? You get it right. Take the best care of your brows. It is absolutely worth it. And no, it's not too late to start. Yes, your brows should be regularly maintained. On average every 4-6 weeks. I get it, budgets are important. I say, Brows should be in your budget. Male. Female. Young. Not as young. Include the brows in your monthly budget. Because your worth it. Because well-kept brows enhance your face. Because looking good, makes you feel good. And feeling good leads to good days.

We all want more good days! Love yourself. Love your brows. Thank me later ;)