Introducing Bridal Packages!

As a fellow Bride to Be I know how busy & stressful life gets when planning the big day. In my 8 years of helping Brides prep for their wedding I have found one very important piece of planning that is too often overlooked until the last minute. By then, it's too late to make the desired positive impact.

What is overlooked you say? Your Skin. Theres nothing worse than approaching your big day with pimples everywhere, rough texture, uneven complexion, or dry skin and enhancing those issues with makeup. Eek! We don't want that. We want your skin to radiate in the pictures you'll have for the rest of your life! In efforts to help you look your best, I've put together these exclusive Bridal Beauty Packages for you:

Bridal Beauty.jpg

Each level offered is based on your desire + my expert opinion of the best fit for your needs. iAM Beauty Skincare comes with each package so you can continue enhancing at home. At your first appointment we'll do our best to schedule all your services in advance to assist in checking off another 'to do.

Packages can be purchased over the phone or in studio. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call/text (503)839-9550 or email .

Let's get you ready for your big day! 


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