Invest In Yourself

This journey has been so incredible! Even though I have been sick about the entire time traveling half the globe, on a positive note it has caused me to slow down & soak it all in.  


Cathedral D Malaga  


Church of Santa Maria de la Alhambra


Costa Mijas


Flan (best I've ever had!) 


I have seen such amazing architecture, learned about such rich history, met some amazing people, & thrown myself into the culture, driving the tight roads, and especially indulging in the variety of addictive foods!  

My time abroad is coming to an end & I'm full of satisfaction. This is the best investment in myself, aside from acquiring a business, I have ever made!  It has by far been the best birthday yet!  I hope you've been taking care of yourself, and taking some time just enjoy life. 

I can't wait to share this life changing experience with you! See you soon! 


-Anisa Marie

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